Behind The Design: Richard Doromal

Richard Doromal is a Canadian-born independent artist based in Vancouver, BC. At the tender age of 4, his mother recalls is where his spark for creativity began to show. As he grew, he amassed countless drawings, devouring any blank surface including paper, notebooks, table tops, chairs, walls and anything he could possibly leave his mark on. Today he continues to do the same albeit in a less destructive way. Or is he?

Richie lived a somewhat unique upbringing spending summers at his grandma’s in West Covina, California. It was this consistent exposure to culture acrosss the border that he contributes to his broader perspective reflected in his taste and ultimately his work.

As a young teenager, Richie gravitated to the misfits and lesser understood crowds in high school. There was something about those that refused to conform that he identified with. It was also at this time, he fell into the graffiti phase of his creative journey. Filling sketchbooks with intricate letterwork, vandalising buildings under cover of night and even being commissioned by his high school to produce paintings in the hallways all represented a glimpse into his future.

Fast forward to his young adult life, Richie spent several years designing behind the scenes for a streetwear brand and boutique. It was here he was able to fine tune his skills for commercial purposes while learning the retail and back end of a clothing company.

As an overall creative he’s sharpened his sword in multiple facets including illustration, fashion, photography, creative direction and film.

Throughout the years, Richie has designed and produced works for several brands and productions and now looks to carve out his own niche as an independent artist.

The Rare Spirit® End Of Summer 2022 Capsule embodies Richie’s time spent honing his craft. Each design displays his original hand paired with an empowering message, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Photographed by Beau Jensen